“Carra” encourages Trent to Alexander Arnold.

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Jamie Carragher, Micah Richards, CBS Sports analyst and BT Sports guru. Steve McNanman have all praised Trent Alexander Arnold right-back. Liverpool is the number one defender who can open the ball accurately in the world. See this from the key pass to the second goal in the Champions League game. Which beat Benfica 3-1 yesterday.

In the 33rd minute. Trent got the ball in the opponent’s territory. A distance of 40 yards across UFABET the right, was place deep into the penalty area on the left side to Luis Diaz. Head for a single stroke to reach Sadio Mane , Paen to burn the hair .  

When seeing that. Carragher can’t help but admire the younger generation ‘ Reds ‘ that the feet are golden as accurate as possible.  

” Trent Alexander – Arnold is who I call the master of passing the ball. ” The 2005 Champions League champion begin.  

“ And that’s why it was possible to send a golden-footed baby to Diaz. ”

Richards, on the other hand , was impress to see the opening ball . One stroke all the time from Trent , Diaz head straight ahead and Mame translated it . ” 

ending with ‘ Maca ‘ is delighted with the potential of a good defender. 

“ The Benfica defender is recklessly defending. But the ball from Trent is very accurate , ” said McNanman Suhok.  

“ Diaz ‘s set-up header was excellent and Mane who was in the line went in. It was a beautiful goal for Liverpool to counter decisively. ” 

Victory at Estadio Da Luz yesterday was Liverpool ‘s 8th consecutive away win in the Champions League for the first time in the club’s history .