Chelsea rushes to grab Caicedo before the start of the season.

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Chelsea are stepping up talks to hope to sign Moises Caicedo ahead of their first game of the new Premier League season against Liverpool on Sunday.

Caicedo the 21-year-old midfielder has made it clear that he wants to move to the club. With the Brighton staff well aware of it. But everything must be on the condition that the Seagulls want and place a price.

make a deal with navy blue lion In the past, no progress has been made and lasted for months. Although the discussions continued. They were nowhere near complete.

Recently, The Guardian stated that Chelsea is preparing to raise the level of negotiations with Brighton in full. But the important factor is that the price is still very far away.

As of now, the price offered by Chelsea is around £80 million. Compared to Brighton’s asking at least £100 million. UFABET

After this, it depends on the approach and ability of the Chelsea negotiating team to discuss with Brighton. But it is expected that the Seagulls will reduce the price very little. Because the club is involved in the case of Enzo’s transfer Fernandez and Declan Rice.

Brighton’s side are able to stand up to their own position fully. Because they have a long-term contract with the player. Despite Caicedo’s strong desire to leave. The Ecuadorian has been told that it must only meet the terms of the price set by the agency.