Ralph Rangnick comfortable work consult with ghosts for 6 days per month.

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Manchester United have charge with appointing Ralph Rangnick as a two-year special counsel over whether the role is too comfortable. Because they only work 6 days-per-month but received full wages Plus more welfare.

According to Mail Online. At UFABET the end of the 2021-22 season the 63- year – old will step down as acting manager to special counsel Bonded until the end of June 2024. Is expect to cut wages of at least 3 million pounds – per – year.  

But by the body of the event, it is considered sitting and eating because the name checks are clocked at the Carrington Training Center 6 days a month, or 144 days from a full two-year period. There are also food coupons , office spaces , free parking , health benefits and gift cards from department stores . Another brand sponsor.

And in important cases, such as the appointment of a new team manager, the Deutsche strategist floats without having to share opinions.  

By discussing stress at this time ‘ Red Devils ‘ choose between Ajax trainer Eric Ten Hag , which is popular among fans with social media. Or Mauricio Pochettino, trainer . Paris Saint – Germain

Even though the role of Rangnik is more or less depends on the manager . The new team needs advice – how little. When ‘ Lung Rang ‘ has no such involvement, the ‘ Red Army ‘ are skeptical to hire them. Why sit in a floating position, waste money ? 

Because behind United there are football operations such as Darren Fletcher , John Murtuf or Matt Judge already covered. Ralph Rangnick existence seems redundant rather than beneficial.