Tottenham Hotspur regrets that Tanguy Ndombele goes to play on loan at Lyon.

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Tottenham Hotspur may be forced to bring midfielder Tanguy Ndombele back from Olympique Lyonnais. After his loan contract expires at the end of the football season. Due to the fact that he does not give up the old habit that is lazy to help the midfielder until the top of the French Ligue 1 team refuses to use the option to buy.

Ndombele has been in trouble since former head coaches Jose Mourinho , Nuno Espirito Santo and Antonio Conte. Who have sought 150% of their dedication from their players. And UFABET it’s always been a flaw of the 25 year -old.  


The decision to let Tanguy go out to play on loan with ‘ OL ‘ on the market in January. Because it is expect that the News can call confidence with the club. That has create a name. But it appears that the overall picture has not shake the star player’s stain until the local media criticize heavily.  

“ Since my first return We haven’t see the impression of players preparing to react for an intense European game. ” said Walid Archerjour  ‘ After Foot ‘ moderator at RMC Sports comment.

“ The 3-2 win over Angers seemed to be a satisfying result. Because of the late game when the ball was lost. We all saw the Lyon players looking at each other – come. There’s a lot of energy eaters in the team . 

“ What I’m saying is mostly Tanguy Ndombele ‘s performance , especially because he was a player I was impressed with before. One of the people who always tried to defend against critics, but the Angers game without possession looked terrible. I didn’t expect to see a picture like that. ”  

Six Ligue 1 games and two Europa League games are the number of games Tanguy has played on loan with Lyon and has provided two assists.