Overdose of ‘painkillers’ doesn’t relieve the headache and causes liver damage.

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Overdose of ‘painkillers’ doesn’t relieve the headache and causes liver damage. Painkillers work by blocking certain chemicals in the human brain. which acts related to pain, such as prostaglandins and will induce a mechanism to lower the body’s temperature or reduce fever. Which if you use drugs excessively for a long time or have a habit of taking drugs often May result in impaired liver function. It doesn’t work in time and sometimes causes liver toxicity and in the case that it is not treated promptly, it may result in liver failure causing death. Especially taking medicine together with alcohol. Will cause a greater risk of hepatitis symptoms.

The negative effects of using drugs in the Overdose.

  • Stomach symptoms: Taking medicine to reduce inflammation and pain if you eat too much or eat incorrectly. May cause stomach pain Or in severe cases, it may cause stomach ulcers.
  • Respiratory symptoms: In some asthma patients, the use of certain anti-inflammatory and pain relievers. May stimulate panting. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท
  • Heart system symptoms: Taking certain types of anti-inflammatory and pain reducing drugs. Too long results in ischemic heart disease or heart failure more than normal.
  • Kidney symptoms: Taking too many anti-inflammatory and painkillers. Or eating for too long may cause kidney damage. or have kidney failure.
  • Symptoms of blood pressure and blood vessels: Some types of anti-inflammatory drugs If eaten over a long period of time, it may cause blood pressure to increase.

Painkillers useful medicine But I want to emphasize the dangers of using painkillers incorrectly. Therefore, treating disease should treat the cause of the disease. And try to use this group of drugs only as necessary in the shortest term to prevent problems and dangers from the things mentioned above.