London derby, big match: Arsenal vs. Chelsea

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London derby, big match: Arsenal vs. Chelsea

  • Opta predicts the chances of winning the Premier League match between Arsenal and Chelsea.
  • Arsenal is in the middle of a championship challenge. Currently, they are top of the table with points equal to Liverpool and 1 point ahead of Manchester City.
  • Chelsea’s side still has a chance to finish in 6th place if they can perform well in the final stretch.

Opta, a famous statistics organization, uses intelligent AI or supercomputers. Analyzing the chances of winning in the Premier League game London derby between. Arsenal will have a home opener to welcome Chelsea on Tuesday night.

Analysis of 10,000 virtual matches on a supercomputer shows. That the Gunners have a higher chance of winning at 51%. While the Blues have a chance of 22.5% and a โปรโมชั่น ufabet chance of ending in a draw at 26.5%.

Opta also sees Arsenal as second favorites to win the title behind Manchester City, although Mikel Arteta’s side are top of the table. Chelsea are estimated to have only a 9.2% chance of winning the title. will finish 6th and 23.7% will finish 7th, with a 45.7% chance of finishing 8th.

The game at Emirates Stadium tonight will compete at 2:00 a.m. Thailand time. Even though the results are different, the Blue Lions They usually do well against big teams in the latter stages. Plus, the first match they met end in a 2-2 draw at the beginning of the season.