De Bruyne thrilled to compete at the Etihad.

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Manchester City captain Kevin De Bruyne has overlook the shot at an important game. That could decide the 2021-22 English Premier League title against Liverpool (10 April) say. That just thinking about it is exciting.

Situation on this schedule both teams have played 30 matches equally. City are top of the crowd one point more than the ‘ Reds ‘. But are under goals – five conceded. So the direct measure of both camps at the Etihad Stadium has a round trip effect of 6 points for the winning UFABET team .  

That makes the owner of the title of Mr. Big Match like De Bruyne win no less than anyone. Because when adding to his former self, being a fan of Michael Owen, the Liverpool striker, enters another , Sunday’s match is even more important.

” There are five days left until Sunday , ” he opened up with ‘ BT Sport ‘ after the Champions League game in which he scored the winning goal 1-0 as City defeated Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals, first leg.  

“ Both teams played the Champions League last night , it was really a big game for everyone. Either the fans or not, even players like us. ” 

Incidentally , 73% of goals scored by Devin de Bruyne in the Champions League came in knockout rounds (8 out of 11 goals ) , which is the highest rating in history when measured against a player who scores on this tournament. low 10 balls